Friday, October 23, 2009

Day one!

So I was convinced by a friend (bunu! >8A) to create another sort of blog on top of myspace updates and deviantart. This'll be for my sketches and so forth with my tablet. Without further adieu.

Random sketch


The beginning of Eve, a very snooty, busty and promiscuous character. Imagine her with red hair and going "Oh ho ho ho ho!"


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I'm a husband and a father. I work in the aviation industry. I started liking anime and manga when I was in high school which started with Galaxy Express 999. Because of the same style animation used in the Interstella 5555 Daft Punk series, I got into that style music. I'm in the mid range of being a social chameleon. I will likely pick up mannerisms of the people I'm around and drop them when they're gone.